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Here's What It's Like to Own Nearly 40 Cars

I attempt to give an update on my \"Hooptie Fleet\" without seeming like a crazy person. I don't think I succeeded.

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CPO Deals: July 2018

We've listed July's best CPO deals and incentives to prove you can get an excellent deal on a used vehicle with a long warranty.

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Meet the Classic British Cars of the Hamptons

Oversteer's Sam Keller shows off classic British cars seen around The Hamptons.

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Video | I Bought a Broken V12 Mercedes SL600 for Only $5,000

I wasn't looking for another old V12 Mercedes -- but somebody made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

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Why Doesn't Everyone Own a Used American Luxury Car?

Modern, reliable luxury is dirt-cheap.

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8 Great Used Vehicles for Towing for Under $15,000

Your towing vehicle doesn't necessarily have to be a truck.

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Which Generation of Used Chevrolet Suburban Is the Best?

Each of the three previous iterations of the Chevy Suburban is great for different reasons

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2016 Chevrolet Colorado: Used Car Review

With a new Duramax diesel option and Apple CarPlay, the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado is even more of a solid personal-use midsize pickup choice.

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Tire Safety: Maintaining Tires Will Be Easy in the Future

Drive-through tire-safety stations will eliminate the hassle of checking tire pressure and measuring tread depth.

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