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Automatic Headlights Should Be Mandatory

Can we all agree that headlights should probably be used at night?

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Minivans Are the New Station Wagon

People really don't want to be their parents.

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Video | 11 Things Everyone Should Have in the Car

To remain ready and prepared when driving, here are 11 things everyone should always have in their car.

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CPO Deals: March 2018

Our list covers March's top deals and incentives on certified pre-owned vehicles for drivers who want a great used car with a long warranty.

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Video | 5 Winter Car Care Hacks

Here are 5 winter care car hacks and homemade solutions you'll be glad to know about.

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High-Performance Hybrids: 5 Fierce Gas-Electric Superstars

Who says hybrids can't be high performance. Here are five gas/electric performance overachievers.

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Here Are the Cities That Spend the Most (and the Least) on Cars

Which places spend the most on cars? You might be surprised.

Used Car Review

2015 Jeep Renegade: Used Car Review

Small in size but big in character, the 2015 Jeep Renegade can negotiate off-road trails and maneuver through urban landscapes with aplomb.

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Hyundai Shopper Assurance: Hyundai Announces It's Taking It Nationwide

Hyundai will take its Hyundai Shopper Assurance nationwide.

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